Eligibility For Accounts And Purchases

Who is eligible to sign up for a SPVTrade buyer account and place orders?

Anyone, whether a company or private individual, may sign up for a SPVTrade wholesale buyer account. The same benefits and terms apply to all SPVTrade registrants. (SPVTrade accounts are only available to people over the age of 18.)

The only major exception to the above is that SPVTrade is an export wholesaler only, so we cannot ship to addresses inside Mainland China!

Customers are required to register with full and accurate personal data and contact details. Pseudonyms are not accepted. Companies registering are still required to have a named individual both on the account billing address and order shipping addresses.

Every SPVTrade account must have a valid phone number which we can use to contact you in the case of order queries or delivery exceptions.

SPVTrade strongly advises customers to register an account with the same details as the person / company making the payments for orders. If the SPVTrade account does not match your payment source this is likely to lead to delays processing your first order while we contact you to verify the payment is authorised. In the case of dropshippers we advise making your first purchase a delivery to your own billing address in order for us to verify that you are a bonafide customer.

Are customers who register at SPVTrade under any obligations?

Customers who register at SPVTrade are implicitly acknowledging that they agree to all our terms and conditions as published in this section of our online Knowledgebase. Registrants are required to submit full and true contact details.

There are no contractual obligations to buy anything at SPVTrade.com

There are no membership fees or hidden charges for ordering from SPVTrade. Please find out from your country’s Customs about possible import duties, taxes, charges, and regulations pertaining to imported goods.

Are there any minimum order quantities or maximum order limitations?

SPVTrade usually has no MOQ on most items and can also fulfil very large orders of electronics, including factory production runs beyond our warehouse stock capacity.

Before placing orders over 100 pcs of any product you are advised to begin by ordering smaller batches of samples.

Customers requiring bulk lots of over 200 pcs are advised to order samples first then revert to SPVTrade using the ticket system to request special price & delivery quotations.

Are there situations where orders are not accepted?

SPVTrade reserves the right to cancel orders and return payments if the ordered goods are not available or the customer’s account or payment do not meet the conditions for delivery.

SPVTrade recommends all customers make their first purchase for samples of products rather than large wholesale lots. This allows you to evaluate which products are suitable for your market, and makes it faster for us to approve your first order. Large first orders are subject to payment verification checks, which can delay the processing of the order.

Common reasons for immediate cancellation and refund of orders are:

  • Non-authorised dropshipping / shipping to an address substantially different to the billing address. Please see our notes in the knowledgebase about how we verify first-time customers’ accounts for dropshipping and delivery to addresses other than the billing / payment address. If orders are received which do not meet immediate approval, they will enter a checking process for up to three working days, in which SPVTrade will attempt to contact the customer to verify that the payment is authorised.
  • Orders which appear to be blatant fraud attempts, e.g. shipments to Nigeria, will be immediately cancelled and the payment returned to the originating Paypal account.
  • Orders submitted with insufficient delivery details, e.g. PO box addresses; incomplete addresses; no delivery phone number; no tax details for certain countries; no agreement received to special import / declaration / delivery terms communicated by SPVTrade. In such cases SPVTrade will make all reasonable attempts to contact the customer to update the order details, including emailing from two different addresses and telephoning the customer at least once. If confirmation is not received the order will be cancelled and refunded within another 5 working days, and an explanation provided in the comments for the refund.
  • Customers who have open Paypal disputes, complaints, chargebacks, etc on other orders on their account may have new orders put on hold or cancelled/refunded depending on the nature of the case.
  • Customers who have past disapproved / cancelled orders on their account.
  • Customers attempting to order with Paypal payments, who have been refunded on previous orders for not meeting payment verification standards, and who have been requested to pay by bank transfer instead, will have their orders immediately rejected.
  • Customers who attempt to open a new SPVTrade account to circumvent order cancellation records on previous accounts will be subject to immediate order cancellations.

SPVTrade reserves the right to cancel accounts and refuse processing of orders at their discretion and for reasons above and beyond the criteria mentioned above.

In cases where orders are refused before processing, SPVTrade will attempt to refund the full original payment to the best of their ability.

SPVTrade operates a strict policy in relation to abusive or inappropriate communications with our employees. This includes abuse of the website reviews system and other commentable parts of the website such as the blog or forums. Customers will be warned in such cases before accounts are suspended.