MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

What is the minimum number of pieces I can buy? Do you have a minimum order quantity or restriction? Must I always order large quantities becaue you are a wholesaler? Do SPV Trade Have A Minimum Order Quantity? no minimum order restriction on most items. You can order any quantity you need. We can ship single item samples or large orders worldwide.

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Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure at SPV Trade. Our Servers are secured by  SSL encryption. SPV Trade never stores any of your financial information like credit card numbers and security codes (CVV numbers). When you complete your order, we securely passes your billing information to the bank system. Credit Card numbers and CVV numbers are securely discarded immediately after they are sent to the bank. You also can choose PayPal when you placing an order with us. In this way, you do not have to enter any of your…

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Can I Get My Own Brand Put On These Products?

Can You Label / Brand These Items With My Own Choice Of Logo? Yes! Most of our products are ok to do that If you want to put your own brand on products, this is possible, via labelling, printing, etching, special packaging, or product inserts. Branding products and packaging usually requires a minimum order quantity in the hundreds. If you are interested in labelling or branding at source in China, please buy at least 1pc sample from us to see the product first hand and decide your specific requirements for…

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