Are SPV Trade’s Products Good Quality?

“How do you ensure the quality of the products?”

SPV Trade sources unique, hi-tech products from China Mainland factories. The factories are often OEM manufacturers for big, well-known electronics brands. Their product quality is excellent, but we know that sometimes, factory production line error rates are simply not strict enough. You need to maintain a near-perfect image with your customers, and that means the minimum of product problems.

To guarantee the quality of the products you buy from us, we’ve put in place a rigorous Quality Control process for all our products.

  • Every product you buy from has been quality controlled by our QC technicians before it was put on the warehouse shelves.
  • All products are visually inspected for good appearance.
  • All products are switched on and have their main functions tested one by one.
  • All packages are checked to ensure they contain the correct accessories. Accessories such as earphones and cables are tested as well.

No other supplier in China will go to the same lengths to guarantee the quality of your products.

That’s why at SPVTrade we promise you:

China Prices, Western Quality