Bank Transfers, Confirmations, and Trust!


“I’ve got a tricky question for you – can you help? I made several similar test orders and checked them out. I haven’t paid for any yet, so the orders have order numbers and are ‘completed’ and ‘waiting for payment’ in the SPVTrade shop system. So now let’s say I want to pay for only one of these orders, and I’m going to send you payment by bank transfer. How do you know which order I’m paying for – maybe you will send me the wrong items?”

When we match bank payments with orders, we will normally check for payments which match invoice (cart checkout) totals exactly. But of course if there is any uncertainty we will contact the buyer. This is why, to make life easier for everyone, we ask customers to include full comments, especially an order number and confirmed address, when sending the bank transfer. (The banks usually let you include some comments – just ask them.)

“OK – how do I know you’ve received the bank payment and you’re activating this order?”

We will contact you to confirm we have received the order. We will quote the order number which you will be able to check in your SPVTrade ‘My Account’ area. Should there be an unforseen delay, for example a stock shortage, we will contact you to discuss changing an item or to let you know how the situation.

“But if you say you’ve sent the goods, how do I really know they’re on their way?”
We will email you with a tracking number 24 hours after we have dispatched your goods. Your goods are insured with the courier delivery and fully trackable online. You will be able to check the goods tracking number with the courier, e.g. DHL, and that will give you a guarantee that the goods you hve bought are safe and on the way.

“Do you give me the tracking number within 2-3 days?”

If you see products listed on our website, that means they are available to order right now. Some specialist products may take longer to deliver than others, e.g. because they require special packing and technical staff to complete the QA review. And sometimes we might run short on stock of popular items and have to wait a couple of days for stock delivery from the factories. If you need items urgently and you’re not sure if we can deliver fast enough for you, you can always check with us in advance to confirm how long we expect to turn around an order for a particular product you need.