Can I Get My Own Brand Put On These Products?

Can You Label / Brand These Items With My Own Choice Of Logo?

Yes! Most of our products are ok to do that

If you want to put your own brand on products, this is possible, via labelling, printing, etching, special packaging, or product inserts.

Branding products and packaging usually requires a minimum order quantity in the hundreds.

If you are interested in labelling or branding at source in China, please buy at least 1pc sample from us to see the product first hand and decide your specific requirements for branding the product.

After you have reviewed your sample, please open a support ticket, referencing your prior order number or buyer account email address, and request a quotation.

Your request should include the product code or a link to which product you are interested in, your projected order volume, and as much detail about what type of labelling you have in mind. We will get back to you with a quotation.