Data Protection Statement

Privacy Policy


SPVTrade operates its internal records system in accordance with standards similar to European Data Protection Law requirements.

In summary:

– No data that we hold about you will ever be shared with third parties.

– Employees of SPVTrade are contracted to confidentiality clauses.

– Your email address will never be shared or abused.

– We do not store any data about you that is excessive to our requirements.

– We do not track or store personalised details about your web browsing.

– Customer data is stored securely and disposal of records on paper is via shredding.

– If you wish to know what data we have on record about you or your orders you are entitled to request a copy.

In situations where we have to request e.g. credit card scans / bill copies for first order payment verification (a standard anti-fraud measure ), then we will not store any of your submitted data longer than is necessary to complete the verification check on your orders.

You have the right to request us to cancel your account, but we will store your data from previous orders for accounting and anti-fraud purposes.