If an item is missing a manual

All  products are supposed to ship with a manual but…

  • …sometimes the manual just isn’t very good, and you need more help with the product.
  • …sometimes we made a mistake and the manual was not put in the box.
  • …sometimes the product is new, and the manufacturer manual was so dire, we took it out!
  • …sometimes the manufacturer thought they were only selling this product in China, so there is no manual.

Here’s how we’ll help:

  1. Contact us with your order number and the product code. Explain whether there was a missing manual, or what aspect of the product’s function you need help with.
  2. If a manual was missed out accidentally, we’ll give you a link where you can download it.
  3. If the product has no manual, chances are we are already working on making one ourselves, and we’ll send that to you when it’s done.

Manuals in different languages

Currently we only offer English manuals for all products. Many manuals feature other languages (check description or enquire per product), but since these are commonly “auto translated” we can’t necessarily vouch for their quality. It’s something we’re working on steadily though!

If you are ordering in bulk, i.e. 500pcs or more, you should discuss with your sales representative at spvtrade.com about printing manuals supplied by yourself, or arranging the writing of new manuals / new translations. We can only offer such a service to existing, proven customers.